CD Printer: Introduction and Benefits

A printer that prints labels directly on CD, DVD and Discs, is called CD Printer. As you can print your documents and photos through a regular printer, you can print your own CDs and DVDs by CD Printer. The design and format or CD Printer allows you to design various types of Disc Labels on computer. You should have required computer knowledge and skills to create such beautiful design for CD Labels.

You can make your favorite design and symbols for the CD Label. Every CD Printer is connected by USB Cable to the Computer or Laptop. So all you need to do is, I) Create a Design in Label Format, II) Insert concerned CD or DVD Disc into CD Printer and III) Give Print Command (Ctrl + P) in computer. The Label will be printed on your CD.

The Label will be fixed on the non-recording surface of your disc. So you must insert the CD or DVD properly into the CD Printer. The non-recording side of CD should be on above side otherwise, the label will be on the recording surface and your CD / DVD will not be useful anymore. In case you do not know how to print a CD Label, you should read the instructions given in the user manual of your CD Printer.

At the time of buying a CD Printer, you need to take some important decisions. The CD Printer is available as wired as well as wireless. If you do not have Bluetooth or WiFi feature, you should not buy a Wireless CD Printer . In case you want to print from your Android Phone or iPhone, you must check if the CD Printer has Bluetooth, WiFi Connectivity options.

You can choose a Black & White CD Printer or a Color CD Printer as per your requirement. B & W Printer will be cost saving, while Color Printer will allow you to create beautiful CD, DVD Labels. Thereafter, you have an option for an InkJet CD Printer or a Thermal CD Printer. The InkJet Printer provides print resolution in dots per inch, while Thermal Printer prints labels directly through heat transfer ribbon.

In Inkjet CD Printer, you have to refill Ink Cartridge time and time in Thermal Printer, you have to change Thermal Ribbon when it is finished. One Ink Cartridge is capable of printing 200 to 400 CD / DVD Labels and One Thermal Ribbon can print 500 to 800 CD / DVD Labels. But the Inkjet CD Printer and Ink Cartridge are less expensive than Thermal CD Printer and Thermal Ribbon. So you should buy a CD Printer which is in your budget.

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